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Welcome to Secret Gift Guru!

My little business was born out of a difficult time in the year 2020. I had just had a beautiful baby girl and had made all these plans of what my year long maternity would be. I was going to travel, visit family, learn a language, take up on sewing and so much more! Then lockdown happened and all my plans gone... just like that!

For a while I was lost and focused my time home schooling my 4 year old boy and taking care of my new born baby. Turned out most of my friends and family were feeling the same way, So I went shopping and bought some chocolates (a bit too much) and boxed it all up and sent out to family and friends to cheer them up, each one with a cute personalised message. They all loved it and asked where I bought it from and it was at that moment I realised I should start a business! and that's how it all happened.

Here's how we started


What we are about.

Gifting Made Simple...

The Secret Gift Guru motto is 'Gifting Made Simple' and that is exactly what we are about. Our ready made boxes make it simple to gift anyone from young ones to adults, Gifts for Him or Her and many more, You choose the box and we do the rest.


We provide Luxury on a Budget... And it's all stays a secret between you and us. 


What our customers have to say


Eva Sparks

Loved it! I really wanted to experiment with some flavours but didn’t want to buy too many boxes so I messaged the seller and he/she was kind enough to let me choose some flavours I wanted. Super nice, really cheap as well considering these are expensive in normal shops. The presentation was super cute as well. I’ll be trying some other flavours soon definitely!



Ordered the hamper box for a friend for her birthday. It was beautifully presented and arrived on time. She loved it! The seller was really accommodating in terms of creating a custom order, she was able to switch products and replace them. I’ve ordered many times from this shop and I’m always impressed. Thank you!



I would give 6 stars if I could! I've been gifted by this lovely business twice and the owner is so sweet. She makes everything perfect before sending it out. Her boxes are great to give to anyone and there's a variety to choose from. I would definitely recommend to anyone who's looking for chocolate gifts at an affordable price!

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