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5 Simple gift ideas for Valentine’s Day 🧡

Valentine's Day is such a beautiful day to celebrate love. The love between Lovers, Love between friends, Love between Family and even strangers as everyone needs love in their life. Although these times, this special day is celebrated extravagantly by most people with cars, jewellery and holidays and with the help of social media now it might seem like there's no point marking as it's too much of a hassle😩 but don't worry I have some simple ideas to help make your Valentine's day a special one.

🖤 Chocolate Hamper 🖤

Lindt Lindor Chocolate Box Valentine’s Day Theme

There is nothing more romantic than chocolate and the more luxurious the chocolate, the better the taste. It also shows you made an effort and not just rushed into the local supermarket on a last-minute run😊

There are various chocolate hamper gifts we offer and each gift comes wrapped in a luxury red grosgrain ribbon, giving that extra special feeling of unwrapping a gift Remember you can show yourself some love ❤️ by getting a box from you to you 💌

🖤 Pamper Box For Him🖤

Box filled with facial mask sheets , socks and yummy treats

Sometimes a man needs some self-care and relaxation as well, what's better than a pamper box filled with everything he needs for a night-in? Most people go through the everyday stress of work, business, kids etc and power through those days and forget to have a moment of calm to recharge and keep going. Remind him he needs some love too with this special box. Why not make it a couples' night by getting a pamper box for yourself as well so you can have a night of peace together ☕️

🖤 Dry Bouquet🖤

Dry flowers are the sought-after trend in the world today and they are slowly taking over from fresh flowers 🎉in popularity. They are sustainable which means they last longer than fresh flowers. They are 100% natural and don't wither away or require watering to smell lovely like fresh flowers. The options are also endless as you can mix and match to create a lovely decor for your household.

🖤 Love Letter🖤

Is this the first Valentine as a couple? You could use the idea from the first-anniversary gift which is Paper💌. Try writing a love poem or love letter to your partner. You can reminisce about your first year together, talk about the future or even a funny one to make them laugh. Below is one of my favourite love poems of all time.

You're my love, my life,

The air that I breathe.

You're my soul, my happiness,

The all that I need.

You're my light, my dark,

The stars in the sky.

You're my ups, my downs,

The reason I try.

You're my strength, my weakness,

The love from the start.

You're my heartache, my pain,

The beat of my heart

You're my tears, my joy,

The love that you bring.

You're my world, my galaxy,

You're my everything.

Dean Coombes

🖤 Treatbox🖤

This gift is perfect for hot drink lovers. A lovely hamper filled with yummy biscuits, a hot drink of their choice and some chocolates. Each gift comes with a message card with your gift message handwritten on the card making it extra special. View our treatbox options here. Remember we can create a custom box for you if you want to go that extra mile.

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