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Happy Birthday Little one!.. gift ideas for a one (1) year old

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Hello again! Today's post is inspired by daughter's birthday who was one on Halloween 31st October 2020. As I love love love celebrating every occasion in my life I planned on going crazy for her birthday with a costume party but the whole pandemic had ruined that for me so we kept it to just family but we still got dressed up as it seemed fitting to dress up as pumpkins - The pumpkin family we were!

I always provide my friends and family with a gift list for every occasion and it helps them select what to get and I also don't end up getting items we don't need. Below are some of the suggestions from the gift list.

Now please note when you buy presents for a child, you need to be considerate of the parents and where they live for example getting a big toy when they live in a small flat will take up so much space and be difficult to store. Also a toy too advanced for a one year old will have to stored away until they can use it and most parents like me (sorry!) end up selling or giving them away so look at the age group of that toy to check it is fit for a one year old.

Gift ideas for a 1 year old

Hero Rubber Ducks Baker Ross £3.95

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book Amazon £5 (the first book my son learned to read)

Thumper Backpack Zara £29.99

Towel with Elephant Embroidery Zara £9.99 & £19.99

Padded Parka H&M £19.99

Llama Children Night Lamp Lights4fun £7.99

3D Night Light for Kids Amazon UK £9.49

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